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Healthcare Solutions

Elevating Patient Care Through Device Protection

At Sahara, we recognize the critical importance of functioning tech in healthcare. Our mission is to safeguard medical devices, preserving their sanitary integrity for safe patient care. Our robust tablet, phone, and laptop cases and screen protectors are crafted to meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare environment.

Advantages for Medical Institutions

Our one-stop-shop approach caters to the unique needs of medical environments.

Excellent Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on all cases and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on screen protectors, including replacements for just the cost of shipping.

Free Custom Logo Printing

Personalize cases with school logos or mascots for unique branding opportunities (orders of 500 or more).


Educational institutions, including homeschools, qualify for a 25% discount on all orders, with additional discounts for bulk orders.

Healthcare-Grade Device Protection

Our protective cases and screen
protectors are designed to withstand healthcare environments' demands, ensuring durability and easy cleaning.

Tailored Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

We offer customizable protective
solutions for various devices, seamlessly integrating into healthcare workflows.

Why Healthcare Institutions Choose Sahara

Customization Excellence

We offer solutions tailored for healthcare environments ranging from high-grade vegan leather to durable TPU polymers.

Rapid Fulfillment

Our extensive inventory in US and Canada warehouses ensures swift and thorough order processing.

Comprehensive Convenience

A broad spectrum of protective
solutions for various devices in one location.

Dedicated Support

Our team is committed to providing hassle-free, personalized service, and expert advice, ensuring the military receives the robust support it needs.

Women-Owned Company

As a women-owned business, we bring a distinctive perspective and commitment to quality and innovation.

Swift Support and Hassle Free Integration

Our team provides prompt assistance, from product selection to installation, easing the workload on IT staff and ensuring quick support responses.

Telehealth and Mobile Healthcare Support

Our products support Telehealth
initiatives, ensuring devices used for remote consultations are protected and functional.

Efficient Procurement and Bulk Orders

We offer special pricing for bulk orders, catering to healthcare facilities' diverse needs, streamlining purchasing, and providing cost-effective solutions.


For inquiries, custom solutions, or
partnerships, contact Tim our Head of Sales for Healthcare:

- Email:

- Phone: 208.941.9036