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Military Solutions

Specialized Tech Protection for Every Branch

Sahara provides rugged and reliable
tech protection for the US military, catering to the unique needs of branches like the Air Force, Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

We accept purchase orders.

Lifetime warranty

Protective cases with a Lifetime Warranty, suited for military conditions.

Screen Protector Limited Lifetime Warranty

ZeroDamage protectors with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Enjoy lifetime replacements with only shipping and handling costs.

Complimentary Custom Logo Printing

Customize cases with military insignia for orders of 500 units or more.

Product & Case Solutions

Comprehensive solutions tailored for military operations.

Volume Discounts

Cost-effective discounts for large-scale military orders.

Rugged Field Durability

Our gear is designed to withstand military operations, offering robust protection against environmental challenges and impacts.

Combat-Ready Gear

Products that ensure device safety in high-intensity scenarios. Reliable in Emergencies: Dependable
protective solutions for critical moments.

Why the Military Chooses Sahara

Women-Owned Company

As a women-owned business, Sahara brings a distinct perspective and a commitment to quality and innovation in tech accessories, meeting the exacting standards expected by military organizations

Customization Excellence

Solutions designed to withstand military environments, from high grade vegan leather to durable polymers.

Rapid Fulfillment

Vast inventory in a US-based warehouse for swift order processing.

One-Stop Shop

A broad selection of protective solutions for various devices in one location.

Dedicated Support

Our team is committed to providing hassle-free, personalized service, and expert advice, ensuring the military receives the robust support it needs.


For inquiries, custom solutions, or
partnerships, contact Paul, our Head of Sales for Education:

- Email:

- Phone: 208.941.3448